2face is a series of visual explorations on the ways identity is abstracted, represented, and classified by data.

Motion, Print

Fall 2019

RGD Bell Media Award for Typography (Digital)

By using facial recognition imagery, digital identifiers, and tracked movements on a map, this video paints an image of a disembodied person through the eyes of data surveillance. The typography and motion graphics are tied together to illustrate the topic with a sense of rigidity and fluidity at the same time.

2face plays on a monitor screen placed against a red backdrop.
2face plays on a monitor screen placed against a red backdrop.

Translating from Print to Motion

Prior explorations in print became the basis of the video. As I reflected on recent print work, I noticed that the two explorations below touched on similar themes but in contradictory ways — like two ends of an argument. Bringing them together helped push both concepts, creating a fuller picture.

Metallic front and back covers with laser cut figures resembling a face on each cover.
Book flipthrough GIF showing the gradual layering of abstract dots and lines, forming a face.

Accordion book using reflective covers + layered transparencies.

Typographic poster reads: beyond self.
Typographic poster reads: someone else.

Large format posters. Typography made using a mixed analog + digital process.