Graphic designer, video maker, and enthusiast of the world wild web. Based in Toronto.

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passively, possibly  2021
2face  2019
Images Festival  2021
Utility  2020
Mink  2019
In Translation  2020

Reel  ·  2021

passively, possibly Project Page

passively, possibly  →  a downloadable .zip file

2face Project Page

2face  →  a motion graphics project

Images Festival  →  a visual system

Utility Project Page

Utility  →  a print magazine

Mink Project Page

Mink  →  a variable typeface

In Translation Project Page

In Translation  →  a short film

Harshlands Project Page, coming soon

Harshlands  ·  case study coming soon


Jan is a graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. He received his education at York University / Sheridan College Design. His current design interests include visual identity and its translations, publishing, and time-based media. Outside of that, he is often fascinated by internet culture and queer literature.

If you are interested in my wares, let me know! Currently seeking work or internship opportunities.

York/Sheridan Design  ·  2017–2021

Dash Dash Studio